Canine Bowen Technique (CBT)

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Indie dictating treatment

The Canine Bowen Technique (CBT) is a ‘light-touch’ therapy offering dogs a gentle, non-invasive and effective hands-on technique that may promote healing, pain-relief and body/energy re-balancing. It is based on the principles of a successful human modality – the Bowen Technique – which was developed by Tom Bowen, in Australia in the 1950’s, and brought to the UK in the early 1990’s.

The European Guild of Canine Bowen Therapists (EGCBT) was set up by Sally & Ron Askew in 2003 to create a network of properly skilled and experienced Canine Bowen Technique therapists who are able to work alongside other professionals in the canine world to help dogs – vets, trainers, behaviourists, rescue centres, hydrotherapists, nutritionists.

The EGCBT Practitioner course in Canine Bowen Technique is currently the only course in Bowen for dogs recognised by the Bowen Therapy Professional Association (BTPA) and the Bowen Association UK (BAUK).


Dogs are miracles with paws – Susan Kennedy