What will happen during the treatment?

Canine Leg Treatment

Canine Leg Treatment

A consultation will last up to an hour, although, the hand on treatment will last approx 20-30 mins.  I will observe your dog both statically and dynamically while asking you questions regarding his/her lifestyle, health behaviour to help build a picture of your dog.

Your dog is treated on the floor (if it is treated in my house I provide a large memory foam mat for your dog to lie on). Therapy is never forced , your dog is not restricted at any time during the treatment and is free to move around.

During the session, there are short breaks by which allow your dog to absorb the information given. Dogs are usually very good in recognizing how much treatment they want and need and when they need a break.

The recommended period between treatments is 7 to 10 days. Generally, 2 to 3 sessions within that interval are sufficient to achieve a noticeable change, although in some cases further treatments may be required.


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