Corporate Bowen Technique

London Bowen Technique can come to your workplace to offer Bowen Therapy in London and Surrey.

Treatments can be given seated or on a massage table.

Bowen sessions can be easily adapted for the workplace as there is no need to undress and they are a great way of introducing stress-relief techniques to your staff.

Bowen Therapy is excellent for the work environment as treatments can be given fully clothed and can assist in the prevention and treatment of RSI and back/ neck strain/ injuries that often occur in the workplace.

Specific benefits of Bowen Technique in your workplace:Knee

– Frozen shoulder/ tennis elbow, carpel tunnel syndrome

– Back pain

– Responding to stress & anxiety

– Neck, shoulder and head tension

– Acute and chronic fatigue/ tiredness

– Headaches & migraines

– Muscular-skeletal pain


Each session lasts approximately 40 minutes and costs £35 per person. A maximum of 8 sessions will be conducted on one day, with a minimum of 6 sessions.

London Bowen Technique offers three different payment structures for all corporate wellness services:

1. 100% employer funded as part of regular Health and Wellbeing Program.

2. 100% employee paid. Health Fund rebates are available to employees.

3. The employer may choose to cover part of the cost and the employees pay the remainder. Health Fund rebates are available to employees.