Canine Bowen Testimonials


Monica made such a difference to the health and well-being of our little Parson’s Terrier, Daisy, Ivy Cottage and Bathgate Road Spring 2011 029when she was suffering from terrible neck and back pain.  Monica was gentle and quiet and sensitive with Daisy, and Daisy, who was normally very shy, took to Monica at once.  Daisy got much better within a matter of two or three days, and although she eventually died of a massive stroke in her old age, she lived a happy and contented life until that time.  I would be happy to recommend Monica to anyone wishing to try the Bowen therapy for their pet – and Daisy’s owners were as much comforted by Monica as Daisy was!. Claire Peppiatt



Spillo, our 14 years old Mix Terrier, at the age of 12  started suffering from severe arthritis. He Spillowas very uncomfortable  so the vet prescribed some medication for him to take daily but he suffered severe side effects and he would constantly have diarrhea and vomiting. Desperate to help him out we searched for alternative therapies and a friend recommended Monica, Bowen Therapist.  I was at first very skeptical but decided to give it a try. I was astonished by the results within a few days from the first session. Spillo now receives Bowen therapy about every three months. He is back to his old self, barking, running around and eating a lot. We are forever grateful to Monica. I would strongly recommend this therapy to animals and humans as, after seeing my dog’s results, I also decided to try it on myself because I used to suffer of a lot of pain due to a slipped disk. Maria Jadeja



Bowen Therapy was suggested by my vet for our 15 years old dog, Chicca.  She was so Chiccamiserable and lethargic most of her days because of her cancer and weakness on her rear legs. We tried Bowen as we were ready to do anything to make her as comfortable as possible. Within the first few sessions we saw an incredible improvement with her appetite and level of energy. She seemed more happy and within the first week weakness on her rear legs improved dramatically. She has since passed away but we will be eternally thankful to Monica for having made such a difference in her quality of life when she needed it the most. Anna Losito