How CBT Works

IMG-20131009-00597Therapists use fingers and thumbs on precise points on the dog’s body and apply a gentle rolling movement over muscle and soft tissue.

Breaks between the movesĀ  allow the dog’s body to assimilate the work and start the process of rebalancing/realignment. There are no hard or forceful moves, no cracking, crunching or manipulations. It is simple, gentle and pain-free.

A key feature of Canine Bowen Technique is that the treatment is never forced on the dog

CBT is holistic and treats the body as a whole. So for example on a dog with rear a leg pain I will also work on other part of its body (like neck, shoulders, front legs) to address any problems caused by the dog compensating shifting its weight forward to relieve the pain on his rear legs.


Natural forces within us are the true healers of disease – Hippocrates 2